Pond Stocking


Mountain Foot Farm raises and sells brook, brown and rainbow trout.

Mountain Foot Farm usually schedules stocking of private ponds during the months of May and October.

This farm has been licensed by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department for the propagation of trout since 1991. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department also performs an annual fish health inspection (as a condition of the license) under which Mountain Foot Farm has received class A status: "No listed fish pathogens found".

Mountain Foot Farm only stocks ponds within the state of Vermont.

There is a per fish price that depends on the size of the trout. The current (as of April 2022) per fish prices:

Size Range (inches) Price
3 5 $2.00
6 8 $3.00
8 10 $4.00
10 12 $5.00

There is also a delivery charge which varies with the distance from the farm in Wheelock, VT.

For more information about pond stocking please see the Pond Stocking FAQs.

Trout in a bucket